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45  results


Begonias for flowerbeds (Begonia semperflorens) are annual plants with spectacular flowering lasting several months. These herbaceous plants have a bushy, branching and stout habit, with rounded green or bronze leaves. The flowers, ranging in colour from white to red, brighten up flowerbeds, borders, pots and containers, and perfectly harmonise with summer bulbs. 

Tuberous Begonias (Begonia tuberhybrida) prefer shade and offer vibrant colours for beds and hanging baskets - such as the Begonia pendula 'Belleconia' with its very trailing  habit.

The trailing 'Summerwings' Begonias are hybrids of Begonia boliviensis that form a veritable cascade of single flowers and tolerate full sun (also available in red).

Begonias are easy to grow and thrive in consistent, humus-rich, fairly fertile, always moist, but well-drained soils. There are 900 species of them!


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