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NIRParfum Roses

7 results

7  results


NIRP International is a breeder known for its Hybrid Tea roses, particularly for its highly fragrant range called 'NIRParfum' in which you can find magnificent bushes with large flowers like Parfum Royal (Adaborop), a beautiful mutation of the famous rose Le Grand Huit (Adharman). These varieties are not only remarkably fragrant but their foliage also resists rose diseases well. With a velvety red, a fresh pink, variegated with red-pink and white in Brocéliande (Adaterhuit), mauve in Blue Girl , or even immaculate white, these roses offer a beautiful range of shades that brighten up the garden and allow for the creation of sumptuous, strongly scented bouquets. NIRP International has chosen the South of France, specifically the city of Cuers in the Var, to establish its headquarters as well as four hectares of greenhouses dedicated to research, hybridisation, selection, and pre-commercial testing.  Discover our selection.

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