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Hostas - Plantain Lilies

240 results

240  results


Hostas are sturdy perennials, they grow very well in pots or in the ground and are well known for their green, golden, blue, or variegated foliage, as well as for their fragrant white or mauve flowers on stems in summer. Dimensions vary depending on the species, from 30cm (12in) for dwarfs to 1m (3ft) wide for giants. Easy to grow and very hardy, they will need to be well protected from slugs and snails by surrounding the base with ash or sawdust. Also known as Funkias, they thrive in heavy, moist but not waterlogged soils. Maintenance is limited to adding compost in spring and dividing clumps every 5 to 8 years for propagation and rejuvenation. Often used in borders, containers, and ground cover, Hostas can be grown in bonsai style or in English and even Japanese gardens.

Tips: To maintain leaf color, plant placement should be based on sunlight exposure.

Golden foliage prefers sunny but not scorching exposure. Blue foliage prefers shade.

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