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Fragrant Peonies

39 results

39  results


Fragrant peonies: a sensory experience in the garden and vase. The peony 'Sarah Bernhardt' , a must-have among fragrant Chinese peonies, needs no introduction. Its double flowers, in a soft pink, exude a fragrance of freshly picked roses, mixed with subtle notes of wild peony. The 'Festiva Maxima' peony, white and generous in petals, offers a deliciously refreshing, pure and light fragrance. 'Bowl of Beauty' seduces with its Japanese-style flowers and its subtle and sweet fragrance, with light notes of vanilla and ripe peach. Infinitely delicate, the peony 'Jan Van Leeuwen' offers simple white corollas with a golden centre, their fragrance reminiscent of the sweetness of honey and white flowers. 'Cora Louise', an Itoh hybrid variety, combines beauty and fragrance with its peach-pink flowers and its sweet and fruity fragrance, with notes of ripe peach and gentle lemon. Fans of tree peonies will appreciate the 'High Noon' variety, with yellow flowers and a bright fragrance of fresh lemon mixed with hints of white flowers. The 'Karl Rosenfield' Paeonia lactiflora, in an elegant dark red, releases an intoxicating, rich and deep fragrance, with notes of cedar wood and velvety roses. Less common in cultivation, 'Eden's Perfume' peony offers large flowers filled with pale pink petals mixed with light apricot. Highly fragrant and long-lasting in a vase, this variety possesses all the qualities of a cut flower. Peonies are robust and absolutely charming plants, irreplaceable in the garden as well as in bouquets. Discover all our fragrant varieties on these pages.


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