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Corylopsis are deciduous Asian bushes, also known as Japanese hazelnuts due to the resemblance of their leaves to those of our hazelnut (Corylus). They are also called winter hazelnuts because they bloom from the end of winter on bare branches. Their flowering, mostly yellow and highly fragrant, in the form of clusters of small lanterns, beautifully heralds the return of spring. This genus, closely related to Hamamelis, includes no less than 24 hardy species of bushes and small trees to discover. The most common ones are Corylopsis pauciflora, which is very early, with a scent reminiscent of primroses, Corylopsis spicata, with long spikes adorned with red stamens, and Corylopsis sinensis, with a powerful and truly splendid fragrance. Corylopsis thrive in non-calcareous, humus-rich, moist soils in partial shade.


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