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Evergreen hedges

858 results

858  results


The evergreen hedge is often the first thing planted in a brand-new garden. Its purpose is to create a dense privacy screen or windbreak that remains opaque all year round, providing a hiding place. To design it, we will choose evergreen bushes, meaning they keep their foliage in winter, with dense vegetation, fast growth, and good tolerance to pruning, such as the photinia, Leyland cypress, cherry laurel, or Elaeagnus. These classic plants in our gardens also owe their success to their easiness to grow in most soils and most areas. You will find a wide selection in our range to create your evergreen hedge, whether trimmed or untrimmed, tall, medium or low, including lesser-known bushes or ones that may not immediately come to mind but which will allow you to personalise your decor. Finally, while it is true that a regularly pruned single-species hedge offers a more neat, even formal appearance in the garden, it can be attractive to use the entire perimeter of the garden to try different combinations, as long as the chosen varieties are similar in terms of vigour and density. A mixed hedge will also be more interesting for biodiversity.


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