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The Aloes or Aloe, succulent plants related to Aloe vera, form a group of bushes forming rosettes of evergreen leaves that are often highly ornamental and whose sap contains extraordinary medicinal properties. Originating from Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula, these frost-sensitive plants make beautiful indoor plants in most climates. This genus includes over 300 perennial species without stems, flowering bushes (Aloe arborescens), or even trees, with often spectacular flowering. Aloes produce brightly coloured, nectar-rich flower spikes or bell-shaped flowers. Almost all Aloes thrive in hot and dry climates, as well as in well-drained, even poor, soil. These unique plants, with a truly exotic temperament, are perfect for adding an original touch to the decor of the house, the conservatory, or even the garden in very mild climates. Discover our collection!

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