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Palm trees

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71  results


Palm trees, from the large family of Arecaceae, symbolize the distant tropics. They make us dream of vacations, beaches lined with coconut trees or avenues planted with Phoenix canariensis. In the garden, everyone has been able to verify the hardiness of the Trachycarpus palm (Trachycarpus) and the dwarf palm (Chamaerops). To beautify our interiors, nothing beats an Areca or a Kentia! These plants are not trees, but giant herbs with a false trunk called a stipe and a crown of large palmate or pinnate leaves. Giants, dwarfs, coming from the tropics, mountains or deserts, adorned with large green feathers or astonishing stiff fronds in steel colours, discover the fascinating world of palm trees! They are irreplaceable for bringing a truly exotic element of decoration to the garden, terrace or veranda. The first five years of cultivation are decisive for the establishment of a young plant: slow to settle, requiring careful care, it will no longer cause any worries for the gardener once well established. 

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