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5  results


Cirsium or thistles are herbaceous plants, biennial or perennial of the Asteraceae family whose fluffy flower heads resemble those of thistles or Centaureas. Plume Thistle (Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum') or Creeping thistle, Cirsium arvense,  are familiar plants of our countryside combine the charm of wild plants with colourful and sometimes spectacular flowering, as seen in the aptly named Cirsium japonicum 'Rose Beauty' which displays large and superb inflorescences in bright magenta pink pompoms.  Not long-lived but easy to acclimatise, this perennial needs to be divided every 3 years to stay beautiful, and sometimes self-seeds without ever becoming invasive. When it is happy, in sunny and rich and moist soil, it gracefully stands out, accompanying the abundant flowering of roses in June. A beautiful and simple plant, with flowers that we eagerly await every year!

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