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Dwarf Photinias

6 results

6  results


Our range of dwarf Photinias, which do not exceed 1.50 m in height. Like Photinia 'Little Red Robin', these are small, evergreen bushes, decorative all year round, well suited to low hedges, small gardens, and container cultivation. Also discover Photinia fraseri 'Nana', reaching 1.50 m in all directions, a bush appreciated for its young leaves beautifully coloured red. The 'Chico' variety, not exceeding 1 m in height, has coppery shoots and good disease resistance. Even smaller, Photinia 'Little Fenna' forms a tuft only 80 to 90 cm high and produces bright pink new shoots in spring. The spring flowering of these bushes, in white umbels, is also charming. Discover them on these pages.

These small Photinias are as useful as they are elegant, and while they do not require pruning, they tolerate it perfectly. They can be used in low hedges, shrub beds, or in containers on a terrace. Provide them with a soft, deep soil. Once well-rooted, they can withstand summer drought.


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