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Pinus - Pine

81 results

81  results


Pines, gathered in the genus Pinus, are evergreen trees or bushes that are easy to cultivate. They are perhaps the most lively of all conifers. They are part of the large family of Pinaceae and are scattered on both sides of the equator, which further increases the choice of varieties depending on the climate and the intended use. All pines have needle-like foliage, grouped in bundles in small clumps of 2 to 7. While they are often immense trees in nature, like the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), the Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus), or the giant Pinus monticola that reaches 60 metres (197 feet) in height, the different species have given rise to cultivars of smaller size and slow growth that easily integrate into small gardens or rockeries.

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