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19  results


  The Lysimachia or Lysimachia are hardy perennials with a wide variety of appearances depending on the species. They form upright or creeping clumps, with simple leaves and star-shaped flowers in yellow, white or pink. They are easy to grow, these plants only require one thing: moist soil. They adapt to all types of soil. The Lysimachia mummularia 'Aurea' is an excellent ground covering plant that can also be used in hanging baskets. Its golden foliage and multitude of bright yellow flowers in summer make it a must-have for gardens and terraces. The Lysimachia clethroïdes or Chinese Loosestrife offers a beautiful white color, while the Lysimachia punctata forms a lovely golden yellow bush. General care: Treat against slugs. These fast-growing plants can become invasive, so prune as desired.

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