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Columnar fruit trees

30 results

30  results


Our range of columnar fruit trees, selected for their narrow and compact habit, are suitable for small gardens and for growing in pots on terraces and balconies. The 'Sylvia' Cherry Tree is a remarkable choice for its beautiful flowering and delicious cherries, just like 'Shangai' with its crunchy red cherries. The 'Quetsche Toronto' Plum Tree stands out for its juicy plums, perfect for cooking. The 'London' and 'Obelus' Pear Trees offer delicious pears, even in pots. The 'Ballerina Maypole' Apple Tree, 'Red Sensation', 'Villandry' and 'Amboise', with their crunchy and fragrant apples, complete this range of columnar fruit trees that is enriched every year. These varieties are perfect for amateur gardeners who want to produce their own fruit in a limited space, offering both the beauty of their flowering and abundant harvests. Discover them in these pages.

These columnar fruit trees are well suited to small gardens, balconies, terraces, and even for growing in pots. These small trees require a fertile, loose, and moist soil.


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