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>Hyssopus officinalis or Hyssop is a woody shrub with small, narrow, and aromatic semi-evergreen leaves. This plant blooms in summer with long dense spikes of small tubular blue flowers, or pink in the case of the variety. Belonging to the same family as sage, thyme, mint, and oregano, this plant is adapted to the dry soils of the northern Mediterranean coast and is very hardy, and it has a rightful place in ornamental gardens where it thrives in sunny, well-drained, even dry soil. It is also a plant that attracts a lot of butterflies as it is a nectar source

Once highly valued, Hyssop was found in medieval gardens and physic gardens. In fact, hyssop is a culinary and medicinal plant. It is used both in cooking and in herbal medicine, and it is used in the production of various beverages such as beer, liqueur, Benedictine, Pastis, and melissa water...


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