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Florist's Chrysanthemum

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Our range of Florist's Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum or C. hortorum is a non-hardy perennial plant (down to -5 °C (23°F)) that blooms in autumn. Traditionally associated with All Saints' Day and the decoration of graves, this bushy plant with a rounded habit and fragile stems offers a multitude of shapes and colours, from the most refined to the most vibrant. We are familiar with the "pomponnettes" with very double small flowers, selections with more or less double daisy-like flowers, as well as varieties with large flowers that more resemble dahlias. The florist's chrysanthemum is the result of cross-breeding between the Chrysanthemum indicum and C. morifolium species, native to China and Japan. This cross-breeding has generated numerous cultivars produced by horticulturists.

Florist chrysanthemums are planted in spring, in flowerbeds, borders, and pots, and their flowers are well suited for making bouquets. They are usually grown as annuals. Relatively easy to grow, they like sun and rich, light soils and are more sensitive to excess water than to temporary drought.


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