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Deciduous Agapanthus

49 results

49  results


The deciduous Agapanthus, whose foliage disappears in winter, are hardier than the evergreen Agapanthus, which are beautiful all year round. Therefore, they are better suited for growing in open ground in many regions far from the seaside, where they will offer the gardener their marvelous umbels of white, blue, violet, or almost black flowers in summer, towering over a lush clump of leaves. While they withstand frost well, deciduous agapanthus, however, dread waterlogged soils in winter: it is essential to plant them in well-draining soil and preferable to cover the stump with a thick mulch in winter. Discover our numerous varieties in all colors and sizes: these South African perennials are unmatched in bringing an exotic touch to the garden or terrace.

This beauty has only one requirement: full sun. 

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