Yellow Centaurea

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3  results


Our selection of Centaureas with yellow flowers. There are many species and varieties of centaureas, and some of them have yellow flowers. For example, the Centaurea macrocephala, a perennial with large yellow flowers that resembles a giant dandelion. Or Centaurea montana 'Sulphurea', a mountain cornflower with pale yellow flowers that are luminous. Also discover Centaurea orientalis, a beautiful species from the Caucasus that forms a vigorous clump with greyish-green dissected leaves. Its fluffy yellow flower heads bloom abundantly in summer. Very rare in cultivation, the Centaurea sulphurea is a semi-hardy perennial plant often grown as an annual. Bushy and vigorous, this Moroccan species from arid soil produces spiny yellow flowers on bluish-green foliage. Discover all these countryside and melliferous flowers with their sunny blooms.

Robust and highly adaptable, the centaurea is easy to grow in any well-drained soil, even limestone. 

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