Ornamental grasses for dry soil

125 results

125  results


Among the thousands of grasses for ornamental purposes spread throughout the world, there are Dry Soil Grasses, perennial and hardy, that appreciate full sun, adapt perfectly to dry and/or poor soils, and thrive in gardens without irrigation. Perhaps the best suited to these spartan conditions are Stipa, of all sizes, ranging from the tall Stipa gigantea to the delicate Stipa tenuifolia or barbata. Panicum, on the other hand, amaze with their incredible adaptability to all growing conditions. Some small Miscanthus ('Yaku Jima') and Pennisetum are also remarkably frugal ornamental 'herbs'. As for Cortaderia selloana, the pampas grass, it thrives everywhere! Just like the precious Briza media, the quaking grass. Airy Eragrostis, blue-leaved Elymus, ground-covering Festuca, ethereal pink-flowering Muhlenbergia capillaris...We have gathered in this section a beautiful collection of ornamental grasses of all sizes, colours, and origins that will not disappoint in dry soil, whether in the ground or in containers: discover them!


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