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4  results


Eragrostis is a graceful perennial grass from the family of Poaceae, appreciated in the garden for its airy and often colourful flowering. The most well-known is Eragrostis spectabilis, but other members of this family deserve the gardener's full attention, such as Eragrostis trichodes or E. curvula. They form dense but graceful clumps, 50 to 80cm (20 to 32in) in height depending on the varieties, both upright and trailing, evergreen in mild climates, deciduous elsewhere. The leaves of Eragrostis are linear, very thin, flat or rolled up. The flowering, airy, explodes from summer to autumn above the foliage, up to 1.5m (5ft) above the ground.

More or less frost resistant, all Eragrostis tolerate drought well and adapt to any well-drained, even poor soil. We plant Love Grass in flower beds to accompany perennials, as a border, on a slope or in a pot to decorate the terrace. 

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