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Double Campanula

14 results

14  results


Our double-flowered Bellflowers. Very beautiful in borders, ideal in bouquets, the double-flowered Bellflower mix in various colours, is a solid and very floriferous range of biennial to perennial plants with tall stems that bear large double bells. In rock gardens, real little gems flourish, such as Campanula cochleariifolia 'Elizabeth Oliver' whose flowers resemble small blue roses. Quite similar, C. haylodgensis 'Plena' resembles it, but its foliage is sometimes almost golden and its flowers are a deeper blue. The Campanula persicifolia 'La bello' is a double and white form of the bellflower with peach-like leaves, particularly refined in the gardens of collectors. The cultivar 'La Belle' is a delightful intense lavender blue version. Excellent in the garden, these two varieties also make very good cut flowers. To decorate a planter, consider combining two or three different coloured varieties, guaranteed effect!


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