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Grey leaf Achillea

7 results

7  results


Our grey or silver-leaved yarrows. These are perennials related to the common yarrow, such as the Achillea hybrid 'Moonshine' or the filipendula yarrow, but also creeping species like the Achillea clypeolata, A. ageratifolia or even A. crithmifolia with feathery foliage of a very soft grey-green. Their foliage, varying from grey to silver, often covered with a wooly down, indicates a good resistance to drought. Depending on the species or variety, they form beautiful upright clumps (Achillea taygetea) or spread as persistent to semi-persistent ground covers through suckering roots. Their flowering, from spring to summer depending on the case, can be yellow like in the Achillea tomentosa 'Aurea' or white, for example in the Achillea kellereri. The yarrow is a robust, hardy and easy-to-grow perennial plant that requires little maintenance.

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