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Cornus A to Z

82 results

82  results


Discover all our Cornus or Dogwoods, from A to Z.

These are deciduous shrubs that are very decorative in many ways, depending on the species and varieties: with their colourful wood that is highly visible in winter as seen in the Cornus alba 'Baton Rouge', with their exotic and massive flowering that we admire in the flowering dogwoods, (Cornus kousa, Cornus florida), or even because of their foliage, sometimes superbly variegated, sometimes flamboyant in autumn, like the dazzling colours of the bloodtwig dogwood. The fruits (dogberries) of some species are edible and can be used in jams, jellies or syrup. Cornus are hardy shrubs and often very easy to grow, with soil requirements that vary depending on the species: they generally thrive in good, moisture-retaining garden soil. You will find a wide selection of dogwoods on these pages, suitable for every situation and every gardener. Cornus can be used as solitary plants, informal hedges, or background plants in flower beds.


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