Variegated Butterfly Bush

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3  results


A selection of Butterfly Bushes or Buddleias with variegated leaves, as decorative for their scented summer flowering as for their yellow or cream-white variegated leaves. Among the most popular are the varieties of Buddleia davidii 'Santana', with yellow-edged leaves and purplish-red flowers; 'Harlequin', variegated with cream and bearing pinkish-purple spikes; or the 'Masquerade' butterfly bush, also variegated with cream-yellow. Whether planted individually or in groups, in a hedge, at the corner of a terrace or at the back of a perennial bed, the variegated Buddleia davidii will enhance the garden in a unique way. Its inflorescences, animated by a constant flutter of butterflies, are a spectacle in themselves. Combined with its elegant and luminous foliage, they are irresistible. This beautiful bush highlights the blue flowers of the 'Gloire de Versailles' ceanothus, for example, or the frothy panicles of crape myrtles. You can also plant them in a mixed hedge, with botanical roses, serviceberries, hawthorns, ornamental apple trees, or other prunus species. 


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