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Ornamental fruit shrubs

468 results

468  results


Ornamental bushes with decorative berries bring colour to the grey autumn! It's no longer the flowers that catch the eye, but the fruiting in colourful decorative berries, in shades of red, yellow, orange... as seen in Cotoneaster or Ornamental Apple trees, but sometimes also purple in the case of Callicarpa or even blue, surrounded by pink bracts, in the case of Clerodendron trichotomum ! In bittersweets, the fruit in the shape of a bishop's cap is also decorative due to its original shape and its red and orange colour. Planted in beds or hedges, and even in pots, the spectacle of decorative fruit bushes will play out from autumn to early winter and will also be appreciated by birds who delight in them as their food becomes scarce..

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