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Blue flowering Siberian Bugloss

20 results

20  results


Our range of Brunneras or Caucasian Forget-me-nots with blue flowers.  Brunnera macrophylla is an excellent shade-loving perennial groundcover known for its clusters of blue flowers similar to forget-me-nots and its highly decorative foliage. In this category, you can find the famous varieties 'Jack Frost', 'Looking Glass' or even 'Variegata', the variegated version of the wild B. macrophylla. The spring flowering of these perennials forms a blue mist on a carpet of large heart-shaped leaves, which are green or variegated depending on the varieties. In the cultivar 'Green Gold', the flowers bloom on golden foliage, creating a superb contrast of colours. In 'Silver Heart', the blue flowers emerge from a truly icy carpet of silver, which is truly luminous.  Consider hostasbleeding hearts or 'Euphorbia polychroma' to accompany these plants in damp woodland areas,  as these hardy perennials appreciate the same environments. 


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