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6  results


     Hesperis or Dame's Rocket are perennials with a strong fragrance of Jasmine, especially in the evening. They are very hardy and fast-growing. They flower from May to July in partial shade or full sun if the soil is not too dry. Used in cottage gardens, the species with single flowers self-seed abundantly in deep and rich, even chalky, soil. In heavy soils, adding gravel to the original soil improves drainage. Dame's Rocket only lives for 3 years and should be divided to rejuvenate them. For propagating double-flowered varieties, they need to be divided (easier) or propagated by cuttings. Propagation by cuttings is done in mid-summer after flowering by taking a non-flowering 10cm (4in) piece and planting it in a bucket with a mix of compost and sand. After good rooting, they should be protected from frost until the following spring.

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