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Forget-me-Not seeds

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5  results


Who isn't familiar with Myosotis and its delicate and vibrant little flowers, usually of an intense blue? This small plant, known as "Forget-me-not", is much appreciated for its generous and romantically charming flowering. Although perennial and hardy, it is grown as an annual. The Myosotis forms cushions of flowers, often bluish-purple, but also pink or white depending on the variety. Plant them along the edges of flowerbeds, as well as in pots or containers. Planted in mass, Myosotis is spectacular: don't deprive yourself of it because it is also very easy to grow. This plant is so happy in European climates that it often self-seeds, not always faithfully, in random spots among the flowerbeds. It thrives in rather moist, fertile, and well-drained soil, in the sun or in the partial shade of the undergrowth. The seeds are sown in spring, in trays or directly in place, for flowering the following spring.

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