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Pseudopanax are exotic evergreen shrubs, mostly native to New Zealand, whose appearance can sometimes be strange - like the Pseudopanax ferox, which goes through three juvenile stages to obtain its adult foliage. These remarkable foliage plants from the Araliaceae family are cousins of Fatsia, which are more well-known to gardeners. Many species are planted in New Zealand gardens but are rather rare in cultivation elsewhere due to their low hardiness and cultivation requirements. Some beautiful cultivars have been selected, mainly derived from Pseudopanax lessonii: 'Gold Splash', with variegated yellow foliage, or 'Nigra', dressed in dark brown-violet. It is in mild and humid oceanic climates that Pseudopanax will find the environment they love. Very striking and trendy, they bring a lot of character to terraces or balconies when cultivated in large pots for winter protection. Hardy in mild oceanic climates, these bushes require a non-calcareous, humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil.

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