Blue Campanula

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47  results


Our Blue Bellflowers. In this category we find many wild species such as the Peach-leaved Bellflower (Campanula persicifolia), Campanula carillon (C. medium), or the Clustered Bellflower (C. glomerata) widely planted in flowerbeds. Quite different, creeping varieties like C. carpatica and C. poscharskyana carpet walls and rock gardens with their very bright blue blooms. Also worth mentioning is C. trachelium, the Nettle-leaved Bellflower, a tall and sturdy perennial plant widely spread in woodlands, with its beautiful blue-violet bells perfect for a natural garden. Among these perennial or biennial plants, there is a beautiful range of blue shades, from very pale blue to indigo blue. And their size varies from ground cover of 15 cm to large clumps reaching or exceeding 1 m in height. The flowering is often in summer, except for wall bellflowers that can bloom from spring. Some offer two waves of flowering, in early and late summer. The choice is vast, there are blue bellflowers for all uses and all types of soil!

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