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Fragrant hedges

204 results

204  results


A fragrant hedge distils floral, sweet, spicy, musky notes, more or less intense or discreet depending on the bushes that make it up. Like a perfumier, the gardener can imagine their fragrant hedge by taking into account the various flowering periods, to avoid the fragrances overlapping or being cancelled out. Indispensable, the mock orange and the lilac, with their strong scents, will be placed in the background of the hedge, while the hybrid osmanthus, with more discreet notes, will be very pleasant near the pathway. To enjoy a fragrant hedge all year round, also consider Elaeagnus ebbingei, which diffuses a pleasant jasmine scent in autumn, Buddleia that smells of honey in summer, and Hamamelis and Bodnant viburnum, which perfume the end of winter. This type of mixed or blended hedge does not require pruning to avoid compromising the flowering. It can be installed even in a small or shared garden by choosing varieties with low growth. We offer a wide choice of fragrant flowering shrubs, ranging from 1 metre (3 feet) in height to over 5 metres (16 feet). 



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