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5  results


Our range of cranberries, derived from Vaccinium vitis-idaea, the Red Cranberry or Cranberry of Mount Ida, also known as Mount Ida Vine, Red Bilberry or Bog Cranberry, which produces red berries. These small fruits, packed with benefits, are sought after by amateur gardeners who love superfruits. Among the best varieties, the Red Cranberry or Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Pearl' offers an explosion of tangy flavor, ideal for jams. The 'Red Candy' cranberries are very productive, and 'Scarlet' offers attractive flowering and juicy fruits. Or 'Ruby Carpet', a ground-cover variety, provides a carpet of flowers followed by delicious fruits. Let's also mention the exceptional 'Erntesegen', which stands out for its productivity and the quality of its cranberries. Discover them on these pages.

These self-fertile fruit bush plants grow in acidic, well-drained, moist soils, in a sunny to semi-shaded exposure. To learn more, consult our article "How to Harvest and Preserve Cranberries?"

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