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English Roses for pots

50 results

50  results


The English roses from David Austin are wonderful shrubs to grow in a pot, jar or other container with dimensions sufficient to allow their development (at least 50cm (20in) in diameter for a bush rose, 30cm (12in) for a dwarf rose). Like 'Abraham Darby', 'Darcey Bussel', 'Graham Thomas' or even 'Lady Emma Hamilton', almost all types of roses can be grown in pots, provided regular watering and fertilization to support their flowering. Place your potted roses on the balcony, terrace, or even in a small courtyard. In the garden, place them near areas of passage or rest, close to the house or a path, next to a bench or where you have your outdoor meals. You can also group your pots together to create a beautiful, fragrant and colorful ensemble. Flowering from summer to autumn, English bush or shrub roses bring life to your decor for a good part of the year, without taking up much space.

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