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Decorative flowering Berberis

25 results

25  results


A selection of Berberis with particularly decorative flowering. Like Berberis julianae or Darwin's barberry (B. darwinii), these thorny bushes often planted as defensive hedges offer a yellow to orange flowering that can be spectacular in spring. Perfectly highlighted by small, dark green evergreen foliage, the flowering of the B. linearifolia 'Orange King' cultivar is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling, with clusters of small, bright and silky orange flowers. Particularly vigorous, Berberis lologensis 'Apricot Queen' is appreciated for its abundant light orange flowering, which can occasionally reappear in summer. Deciduous barberries are mainly known for their beautifully coloured foliage. Among them, Berberis ottawensis 'Superba' stands out in spring with its combination of purple-violet foliage and pretty little yellow flowers. And for small gardens, there are also dwarf varieties with beautiful flowering. For example, Berberis darwinii 'Compacta', evergreen, loaded with flowers in May-June. All these bushes are hardy and not very demanding in terms of soil. They require very little maintenance, except for light pruning after flowering.


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