Liquidambar - Sweetgum

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Liquidambar styraciflua, also known as Sweetgum, is a deciduous tree with a slender conical habit that is particularly appreciated in autumn, when its palmate foliage takes on magnificent shades of orange, copper, gold, scarlet, and purple. This tree of light and non-calcareous damp soil requires a sunny position in the garden, either as a specimen or in rows. which will allow it to be admired in all its splendor. Its name Liquidambar comes from the Latin word "liquidus", liquid, and the Arabic word "ambar", which means amber, due to the aromatic resin of amber colour that flows from its bark. Perfectly hardy, Liquidambar requires a non-calcareous, deep, damp soil that is not waterlogged, and a sunny position. Over time, new varieties have emerged: ‘Rotundiloba’ with rounded lobed foliage, ‘Aurea’ with splashes of yellow on the foliage, and ‘Gum Ball’ which develops a spherical habit.


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