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White Helleborus

40 results

40  results


White-flowered hellebores are the stars of the winter garden. Among them, Helleborus niger 'Maximus', commonly known as the Christmas Rose, charms with its large flowers of pure white. Also, Helleborus niger 'Double Fashion', a rare variety producing double flowers of immaculate white throughout the winter. Another remarkable species is Helleborus orientalis, nicknamed the Lenten Rose. This hellebore is characterised by its great diversity of colours and its often pendulous flowers. Its beautiful 'Double Blanc' form offers beautiful corollas of immaculate white from February to April, for two to three months. The hybrid Helleborus Nigercors 'White Beauty' stands out for its large flowers with white-pink corollas, visible from December to March. Helleborus lemonnieriae 'HGC Paradenia', a recent French creation, is appreciated for its abundant and long-lasting winter flowering, composed of large single white flowers, crowning dark green evergreen foliage. Let's also mention 'Helleborus orientalis 'Anemone White'' with its cream-white single flowers, a compact plant ideal for pots. Plus many others, to be discovered on the pages below.

These hellebores thrive in deep, rich, humus-bearing and moist soils, and can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C (5°F). These beautiful perennials are planted in flowerbeds, borders or pots, and easily integrate into all gardens.


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