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Early Hellebores

26 results

26  results

Early Hellebores flower from November to January, and even as early as September for some ViV Hellebores. Helleborus niger, or Christmas Rose, stands out for its ability to brighten up the garden despite the winter's harshness. These plants are famous for their cold resistance. Among the particularly early varieties, we can mention the Viv 'Ariana' Hellebore, which produces double pinkish-purple flowers in September-October. Helleborus x ballardiae 'Maestro' and the hybrid 'Ice'n Roses Picotee' flower as early as December, depending on the climate. 'Maestro' is characterized by its salmon-yellow veined flowers, while 'Ice'n Roses Picotee' has elegantly fringed white petals with a touch of pink. Some Helleborus x lemperii hybrids, with their wide range of colours and forms, add remarkable diversity to winter gardens. Especially the 'Liah' lemperii Hellebore with its endless flowering, from November to April, with single flowers in a rich and deep pink. For successful cultivation, these early Hellebores require rich and well-drained soil, as well as a semi-shaded exposure. Their robustness and low maintenance make them suitable plants for gardeners of all levels. Discover them in this selection.

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