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White flowered Abelia

23 results

23  results


Our selection of Abelia with white flowers. Among the most beautiful varieties with white flowers, we find vigorous semi-evergreen bushes such as Abelia grandiflora with bells barely washed with mauve, its variety 'Semperflorens' covered all summer with pink buds opening into fragrant and honey-scented white flowers. Not to mention Abelia chinensis, a magnificent Chinese botanical species with a generous creamy white flowers that is highly fragrant. For small spaces, let's mention Abelia grandiflora 'Sherwood', a white selection that stands out for its small size and spreading habit, perfect for bordering a flower bed, in a rockery or as ground cover on a slope. These Abelia are charming bushes, very floriferous between June and September-October. They have average hardiness, but they are robust, water-saving and tolerate limestone as well as coastal areas. Their dense yet flexible habit allows them to be planted in a flowering hedge alongside buddleiasJapanese quinces, mock oranges and other dwarf lilacs. They also grow very well in a pot, which can be placed on the terrace to perfume summer evenings. 


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