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Dandelion seeds

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6  results


What could be simpler than sowing dandelions in the wind by blowing on their round and transparent heads? Such a simple and spontaneous gesture that it has become a symbol of the universal dissemination of knowledge and the victorious struggle against life's challenges. In addition to the wild dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and the lion's tooth of our meadows, these plants, cultivated for a long time for their purifying, detoxifying and refreshing properties, now come in several improved varieties, such as the "Improved Dandelion with a Full Heart". The dandelion is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family, recognizable by its bright yellow flowers, the characteristic shape of its leaves, and its feathery seeds. Its leaves are consumed raw in salads or cooked like spinach, and its flowers can be used for jelly or syrup. Owners of land tortoises can also sow these plants in a small reserved square, the 'tortoise vegetable garden'. In the garden, the dandelion can adapt to ordinary soil, even heavy and compact. It prefers sunlight but can tolerate partial shade. It can simply be sown directly into the ground, from March to June, for a harvest from November to April.


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