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Vegetable plants in pots and plugs

20 results

20  results


We offer you a selection of vegetable plants in pots and large plugs: bigger, easier to succeed with, these plants are already well developed both in terms of vegetation and roots, allowing for later planting out and guaranteed harvests. These "ready to plant" seedlings are an advantageous solution for "latecomer" gardeners, but also in regions where spring is slow to arrive. This is particularly true for fruits and vegetables that require heat, such as melons, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, and other "sun-loving vegetables". Furthermore lettuce plants, having acquired several leaves and beautiful roots, will better resist gastropod attacks, which often cause significant damage to very young plants early in the season. All that remains is to transplant them into the well-prepared vegetable garden soil! The varieties we have selected are produced by professionals for optimal quality and harvest.

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