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The fragrant Mimosas, from the genus Acacia, are trees and bushes from mild climates sought after for garden ornamentation and cut flowers. Among the varieties renowned for their fragrance, there is Acacia dealbata (the Florist's Mimosa) or its varieties 'Gaulois Astier' and 'Winter Sun', as well as the Four Seasons Mimosa (Acacia retinodes). These small trees are known for their often winter flowering, offering clusters of pleasantly fragrant yellow flowers. The 'Gaulois Astier' Mimosa stands out for its relative cold resistance and bright flowers. Acacia dealbata, known for its golden clusters, is a classic in scented gardens. The "Four Seasons" Mimosa, frequently used as a grafting stock in limestone soil, is appreciated for its ability to flower multiple times a year. Its variety 'Lisette' is more floriferous, producing more abundant clusters of yellow and fragrant flowers than the standard variety and blooms several times a year. These Mimosas are perfect for creating a sensory garden in our mild regions, and their flowers are unique in winter bouquets. Discover all our fragrant varieties in this selection.

The scent of Mimosa is a delicate and complex harmony that combines floral and fresh notes with a slightly powdery and honeyed touch. As a whole, it celebrates the springtime rebirth. A elixir of joy and light, this fragrance evokes sweetness, delicacy, and a sense of joyful serenity.

Mimosas thrive in full sun, in well-drained soil. They appreciate regular watering, but not in excess. These bushes withstand drought well once established, but they fear severe frosts. In cold climates, they are cultivated like citrus trees.


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