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Variegated Photinias

3 results

3  results


Our variegated Photinias are evergreen bushes that bring a touch of originality and colour to the garden. One of the most well-known is Photinia fraseri 'Pink Marble', remarkable for its variegated foliage of pink on a green background, closely followed by the astonishing Photinia serratifolia 'Pink Crispy' with young shoots of coppery pink with variegated green and cream leaves. Also discover 'Louise', a beautiful photinia with foliage edged in pink, more colourful than 'Pink Marble', ideal for brightening up shady corners. Each of these bushes adds a touch of colour to hedges or large flower beds, their evergreen foliage remains attractive throughout the year and their spring flowering in white umbels is also pleasant.

These Photinias are as useful as they are elegant and they tolerate pruning well. They can be used in a hedge or left to grow naturally in a shrub bed. Provide them with a soft, deep soil. Once well-rooted, they can withstand summer drought.



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