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Creeping Campanula

44 results

44  results


Our spreading and ground cover campanulas. There are many varieties of campanulas. Among them, some species such as the wall bellflower (C. portenschlagiana) or the Carpathian bellflower (C. carpatica) develop a spreading low vegetation. These are delightful small perennial plants, which offer a long flowering period with bell or star-shaped flowers, mauve, blue, pink or white depending on the cultivars. The bellflower cochleariifolia is an alpine species that also spreads in large patches through running and ramified rootstocks. In this category, you can find excellent hybrids such as the ‘Ringsabell Indigo Blue’ Campanula that forms a compact and bushy cushion from which long indigo blue to violet flowers emerge from May to July. And many more to discover on these pages. Plant the creeping campanulas along pathways or borders, above walls, in rockeries etc. They are also excellent plants for hanging baskets and containers.



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