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Coreopsis for pots

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A selection of Coreopsis for pots, ideal varieties for flowering balconies and terraces throughout the summer. Among the best, the Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' stands out with its double golden yellow flowers that bloom from early summer. The Coreopsis 'Citrine' is a compact variety that will delight you all summer with its small suns, bright yellow with a tawny heart. This variety also performs well in pots. For those who prefer warmer shades, the Coreopsis 'Red Satin' is an appealing option with its deep red-purple flowers against dark foliage. This variety is particularly eye-catching and creates a striking contrast with other plants. Discover all our varieties suitable for pots in this selection.

As for cultivation, these Coreopsis varieties easily adapt to various conditions. They thrive in sunny exposure and well-drained soil, enriched with compost. Moderate watering throughout the summer will be sufficient to maintain their radiance.

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