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Hedge-growing kits

34 results

34  results


The hedge kit is an ideal solution to easily create a vegetal screen, a windbreak or a flowering hedge: affordable and ready to plant, it is already designed for you and saves you from spending too much time choosing whether to have evergreen or non-evergreen bushes, fast-growing ones, ones that go well together or even those with the same cultivation requirements. We offer you a wide selection of hedge kits to create a hedge ranging from 5m (16ft) up to 100m (328ft) in length: evergreen and privacy hedge kits, flowering hedge kits, for longer lengths, as well as affordable hedge kits. All you have to do is plant them, preferably in autumn. When planting, respect a spacing of 60cm (24in) to 1m (3ft) between each plant, depending on the size each one will reach at maturity. Our range includes bushes ranging from 1m (3ft) in height to over 5m (16ft), to meet every situation.

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