Leycesteria - Himalayan Honeysuckle

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The the pheasant berries are deciduous, ramified shrubs that bear amazing flowers beloved by birds. Also called Leycesteria formosa, they can reach a height of 2m (7ft). It has hollow branches that freeze but come back in spring to bear long pendulous inflorescences with purplish or dark red flowers, like the Leycesteria formosa 'Purple Rain'. Beautiful plum-colored fruits follow after the flowers fade. Native to China, the the pheasant berry shrub will grow in rich and well-drained soil, it is best to shelter the plant from strong winds in a semi-shaded situation. These plant are very hardy, pruning consists of cutting back the damaged stems by winter cold or after flowering. Propagation by layering is quite simple. Leycesterias are used as isolated plants, in the back of a flowerbed, or as flowering hedges accompanied by white or light pink shrub roses as well as Mexican Orange trees.


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