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The swede, known as Brassica napus in Latin, is an ancient root vegetable, sometimes confused with the turnip although it has a denser flesh than its cruciferous cousin (Brassicaceae family). Its tuberous and swollen root has a distinct flavour and can be cooked, similar to turnips or potatoes, or eaten raw and thinly sliced in salads. Derived from a cross between kale and turnip, this ancient vegetable is also known as a kohlrabi. It is an autumn and winter vegetable, somewhat forgotten but nutritionally rich. It is used as fodder for livestock as well as for human consumption. Swedes prefer cold and humid climates, and are hardy and easy to cultivate in sunny, well-drained but moist soils. Besides the most common variety, there are many improved selections such as the 'red topped Champion', Globus, Oestgoeta, and Virtue. The colour of the tops of these root varies from purple to green to red.

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