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5  results


The Farfugium, primarily known for the species Farfugium japonicum, also called anther plant or leopard plant, is a beautiful rhizomatous perennial for shady and cool areas native to Asia. Like ligularias, this highly ornamental plant displays large glossy leaves with a strong exotic appearance, evergreen up to -7°C (19.4°F). They can sometimes be oversized, such as in the  Giganteum Farfugium, whose leaves can reach 45cm (18in) wide. An autumn flowering in the form of small yellow daisies indicates the belonging of this perennial to the large family of asteraceae. Fantasy is in order with this astonishing plant capable of producing crisped leaves (Crisped Farfugium japonicum), undulate or variegated leaves, while the Aureomaculatum Farfugium japonicum, which perfectly lives up to its evocative name of leopard plant, surprises with its yellow maculate leaves. Bring a touch of luxuriance to the damp areas of your garden by planting this beautiful but frost-sensitive plant if your soil and climate allow, the Farfugium is hardy up to -12°C (10.4°F)!

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