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Red Chrysanthemum

6 results

6  results


Our range of red-flowered chrysanthemums. In this category, you will find garden chrysanthemums, perennial and hardy, such as Chrysanthemum rubellum 'Duchess of Edinburgh', also known as autumn daisy. But also "pomponnettes" varieties with small, very double flowers, often grown as annuals, widely used in planters for tomb decoration. The red in these plants ranges from crimson red to Bordeaux, with shades of Burgundy and purple. Far from the somewhat sad symbolism of cemetery plants, these extremely bright chrysanthemums will revive the flower beds abandoned by summer blooms.

The tender varieties, called florist's chrysanthemums, are most often grown as annuals in flower pots. But others, hardy ones, prove to be excellent bedding plants. They are easy to grow perennials in the garden. Chrysanthemums love the sun and rich, light soils, they are more sensitive to excess water than to temporary drought.


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