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Trees for small gardens

437 results

437  results


Bringing trees into a small garden to enjoy their silhouette, flowering, fruits or foliage is perfectly possible, by choosing species and varieties with limited growth, not exceeding 5m (16ft) in height in the long term, with a moderate spread. Some tree species naturally remain modest in size (Judas tree, Manchurian maples or Japanese maples, star magnolia), but there are also many 'dwarf' horticultural selections derived from large trees, for example dwarf conifers. A tree is a centrepiece in a garden, especially in small spaces where plant beds are designed around it. For this reason, but also because it will live for many years, a small tree must be carefully chosen based on its form and appearance, but also its cultural requirements. We have gathered in these pages a beautiful selection of trees for small gardens. You can also find our range of fruit trees for small gardens.

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