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Alnus - Alder

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5  results


Alders, in Latin Alnus, are deciduous bushes from the birch family, the Betulaceae family, native to wet or swampy areas and river banks that they help stabilize.

There are three species, among which the most common is the glutinous alder (Alnus glutinosa). The Alps are the domain of the white alder (Alnus incana), while Corsica is home to the heart-shaped-leaved alder, Alnus cordata. Of medium size, alders can still reach or even exceed 20 m (66ft) in height.

They are pioneer species that have many advantages: very hardy and fast-growing, these bushes have a broad pyramidal habit, they bear violet buds in late winter, pretty wrinkled leaves, and elongated male aments and female cones resembling decorative pine cones from January onwards. Their ability to enrich the soil and accommodate local wildlife are additional assets for these trees in our regions. In the garden, alders are appreciated for landscaping very wet areas and forming dense hedges; when cut near the base, alders produce numerous new shoots quickly. 

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